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Welcome to Junk Box Resurrected Classic Radio - Stereo Upgrades! This is where old Radios and Stereo Componenets from the Junk Heap find new life! Snatched from electronic obscurity and reworked and remolded into the working set it once was, ready to play again and be what it was intended to be...

There are no museum quality pieces here, these are working Radios restored to better than original electronic condition using the advances made in the last few decades in electronics.

This is a simple site, no frames, just click on the menus on each page to go to another section or pages within that section, Do allow some time for the many photos to load. I have reduced them in size as far as I could to still retain the detail needed to show the Resurrection process

Be sure to check out my collection section, pictures of all my Radios, Tape Recorders and other electronic collectables.

On the main page of each section, you will find documents, manuals, schematics and links to other sites that share common content.

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