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SCA 35
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Dynaco SCA 35 integrated 17.5 watts per channel. Dynaco's first integrated amplifier. This unit as is most was non-working and dirty. Complete disassembly was undertaken to clean the gold aluminum face plate and knobs. Luckily most of the dirt came off and after a polishing it looks very good.  the word "VOLUME" was mostly gone from finger rubbing so I removed the rest of it for a more pleasing look.
The two can electrolytic capacitors were removed and a new cap board wired with much higher capacitance and working voltage to assure a long operating life.  In more recent mod's that I did I also bypassed the electrolytic's with a 1uf polyester cap as well.
Boards were removed and cleaned. The power boards had some heat damage as most in this series of amps has but not too bad. I have since replaced this with new glass epoxy boards and stuffed them with metal film resistors and poly caps.  Here in this unit I re-soldered all the connections on the foil side of the PC boards and replaced all the caps with poly's.  Switches were cleaned as well as all controls.
Final amp performed as well as it looks.  I ran it with a pair of Dynaco A25's and it had plenty of volume. The phono section was quiet and the sound was very good for a small amp. Lots of good low end and clean highs. Soundstage was pretty good as well.  This with some vintage Dynaco A25's or other good quality speakers would make a great shelf system that will put to shame any of those solid state plastic spaced out system's the sell today.

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