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PAS 3 - 3X
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PAS 3 factory wired showing under the boards with the addition of 4 poly capacitors to make the correct value needed with capacitor on top.  Diodes replace the tube rectifier giving a slightly higher v+ without harming tubes.
All switches cleaned and all capacitors replaced on both the phono pre-amp PC board and the line amp PC board. Poly caps were used throughout. If you wish you can specify Audiophile capacitors at extra cost.  At this point the Audio Sound LAB power supply board was installed where the original selenium rectifier and filter caps for the filament dc supply were installed. This unit has extra 100uf for the phono pre-amp board as directed by the owner. This PAS 3 has a new ALPS sealed volume control for better stereo tracking and lower noise.
Back side of the pre-amp. All the RCA jack inputs are cleaned and burnished to provide a good contact.  Not recommended to used gold plugs with these as dissimilar metals can cause problems with corrosion and/or poor contact over time. Use a good quality nickel of nickel chromium plugs.  Unless you are running a very high end amp and reference speakers it is not worth the cost to replace the jacks with gold as you will not be able to hear the difference anyway
Front panel was completely removed and cleaned as well as the knobs then polished with a non- abrasive polish.

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