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PAS 2 Links

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Greg's Unofficial Dynaco Home Page

Greg's Unofficial Dynaco Home Page / Bob Schneider

Dynaco Speaker Index

Audio by Van Alstine

Curcio Audio Engineering

Dynaco Home Page

Triode Electronics / Dynaco

Triode Electronics / Dynaclone Transformers

Triode Electronics / Dynaco Upgrades

Vintage Electron / Dynaco Goodies

H D E / Dynaco Parts / Controls Switches

H D E / Dynaco Parts / Transformers Chokes PC Boards

Angela Instruments / ALPS Blue Velvet Pots

Dynakit Parts . Com

Dynaco Doctor . Com

Vacuum Tube Valley

Feedback Fidelity

Vintage Clone . Com


SDS Labs Vintage Audio Refurbishing

Rebuilding the Dynaco PAS by Roger W. Stevens

Triage Audio Rebuild the PAS

Gregg Dunn PAS Specifications

Audio Review PAS 3

Van Alstine Super PAS 2 TNT Audio

Audio Regenesis PAS 3 Rebuild